Silvia Daniela Istrate

Born in 1989, she is one of the most titled Flairbartenders in Europe!  For two years in a row she has won all Italian and European competitions as Best Female!  

In addition, participating for the fifth time at Roadhouse World Final, she wins two times the title of the best female Flairbartender in the world.

After working for two years as a trainer in two bartending schools in Rome, collaborating with the famous hotel chain Tivoli hotel as a guest bartender, partecipate at Romania’s got talent, appeared in some italian movie, and tv shows today she is a performer and organizer of FlairBartending & Mixology MasterClasses!  International participations include those in New Delhi, Paris, Latvia, London, Brussels, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Africa, Mauritius Island, Greece, Cyprus, Bucharest and Budapest!

She is currently collaborating with 2 bartending schools in Rome, working on a new project together with the renowned Budapest company Flairventure, she is also owning with other 3 guys the company Dna Spirits & Show, a training company based in Italy. 

Giorgio Chiarello

He is an Italian champion of Flair Bartending, the most titled in Italy and among the strongest in the world and his name appears in the first places of the WFA grading list.
 In 2023 he participated at the IBA world championship reaching the podium bringing Italy to one of the positions never obtained before.
Winner of one of the RoadHouse stages, one of the most prestigious competitions in the flair bartending sector.
 As an expert in the industry,
he has carried out projects related to American Bartending techniques abroad and in various cities of Italy.
He also participated in Italian television broadcasts. He carries out various types of activities around the world such as MasterClasses, Flair Shows and Competitions, he has also been in Korea, Tokyo and Yokohama where he has lent his collaboration at the prestigious “New Jack” and “Bee’s Knees” venues some of the best top cocktail bars in Japan.
Giorgio, to date, boasts several victories in competitions held at national and international level.