More Prizes

Best Cocktail

100€ PRIZE

Based on taste, smell, and appearance. Tasted by the judges & professional mixologist. This will take place during the qualifiers and the winner is announced at the finals.

Best Mega Flair Move Challenge


This is a fun challenge! All the non-finalists will compete against each other and the finalists will compete against each other.
The non-finalists best mega flair move challenge will take place during the finals, and the finalist’s challenge will take place once all competitors have completed their routines.
Each competitor has 3 goes at landing their biggest and most impressive flair move on stage. There is prize money for both categories.

Best Female

200€ PRIZE

The winner of this will be the female that received the most points.

Speed Opening

100€ PRIZE

This round tests how fast the competitors can open 10 bottles of local beer. The neck of the bottle must not be touched. The competitors are timed, with the fastest time winning.

Zante’s Best Bartender


This award will be given to a working bartender in Zante, who has the highest scoring points out of all the Zante bartenders.