Silvia Daniela Istrate

Born in 1989, she shines as one of Europe’s most accomplished Flairbartenders! Securing victory for two consecutive years, she has dominated all Italian and European competitions, proudly earning the title of Best Female.

Her dazzling journey continues with an impressive fifth appearance at the Roadhouse World Final, where she triumphs not once but twice as the world’s Best Female Flairbartender.

Following a dynamic stint as a trainer in two esteemed bartending schools in Rome and a guest bartender collaboration with the renowned Tivoli hotel chain, her talents have graced the stage of Romania’s Got Talent. Adding a touch of glamour to the screen, she has also made memorable appearances in Italian movies and TV shows.

Today, she has seamlessly transitioned into the role of a dynamic performer and organizer of FlairBartending & Mixology MasterClasses. Her international footprint spans New Delhi, Paris, Latvia, London, Brussels, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Africa, Mauritius Island, Greece (again), Cyprus, Bucharest, and Budapest!

Currently, she is a valued collaborator with two bartending schools in Rome and is embarking on an exciting new project in partnership with the esteemed Budapest company, Flairventure. Notably, she is a co-owner, along with three other talented individuals, of Dna Spirits & Show, a training company based in Italy. With her vibrant energy and passion, she continues to make waves and leave her mark on the global stag.

Giorgio Chiarello

Meet Giorgio, the Italian maestro of Flair Bartending, reigning supreme as the most decorated in Italy and among the global elite. His name shines brightly at the top of the WFA grading list, a testament to his unparalleled skill and dedication.

In 2023, Giorgio graced the IBA World Championship, not only participating but climbing the podium and securing a position for Italy that had never before been reached —an extraordinary feat.

Adding another jewel to his crown, he emerged victorious in one of the RoadHouse stages, a highly esteemed competition in the world of flair bartending. With an expert touch, Giorgio has spearheaded projects introducing American Bartending techniques abroad and across various cities in Italy.

Beyond the bar, Giorgio has made his mark on Italian television broadcasts, captivating audiences with his charismatic presence. His influence extends worldwide, hosting MasterClasses, dazzling Flair Shows, and competing on the grand stage. His journey has taken him to diverse corners of the globe, including memorable collaborations in Korea, Tokyo, and Yokohama, where he lent his expertise to the prestigious “New Jack” and “Bee’s Knees” venues, among Japan’s top cocktail bars.

Giorgio’s trophy cabinet tells the story of numerous victories at both national and international levels, a testament to his unwavering passion and mastery in the art of Flair Bartending.

Luca Valentin

Luca Valentin was born on January 24, 1986, in the enchanting city of Brasov, Romania. From a young age, he found solace in a loving family, protected by two caring older brothers throughout his childhood.

At just 17, he discovered his calling for flair, and since then, he’s taken the world by storm. With hundreds of dazzling performances on the global stage, his recent triumph includes a spot in the finals of Romania’s Got Talent. A rising star in the flair world, his unwavering self-belief and determination have rightfully placed him at the center stage of recognition.

For him, flair bartending is both a sport and an art, dedicating a solid four hours a day to perfect his craft. In the last three years, he’s been a proud member of the prestigious “Exquisite BarSolutions” alongside Ionut Ivanov, sharing their expertise and teaching the art of flair bartending to budding talents worldwide. His journey began as a bartender in a Brasov casino, marking the humble origins of his illustrious career.

With an abundance of free time, he invested both time and passion into bar training, transforming his job into an art form cherished by people all over Romania. If we had to use a few words to describe him, they would undoubtedly be: determination, perseverance, style, and originality.

Aris Chatziantoniou

Aris’ passion for bartending began when he was 18 years old and got his first job as a glass collector in a popular bar in Athens. Since then he never abandoned the bartending scene. Willing to travel and discover the world, he moved to Holland at the age of 22 and later to Germany, where he spent 4 unforgettable years. During this fascinating journey through Europe, he always worked as a bartender, meeting new mentors and learning from them mixology and flair bartending.

He decided to return to Athens, his home city, at the age of 26. He worked in trendy cocktail bars and began to learn flair bartending. Aris was so skilled that he competed in national contests until at the age of 28 he had to stop competing because of an injury.

Aris is an entrepreneur with a longing to always discover and try new things. His love for bartending: “goes beyond the drinking part”. Fascinated by the work of the French physical chemist Hervé This (the Godfather of molecular gastronomy) about analyzing flavors and the satisfaction they provide while consuming, Aris says that: “You have to understand the chemical part and the interest of alcohol as a
taste. Once you’ve understood that, you can create an experience”.

Traveling the world to share his passion is what Aris loves the most. Interacting with other bartenders about the philosophy of the industry, experimenting, discovering new flavors and unexpected combinations is what he loves the most, and what makes him the perfect ambassador for a spirit that asks from us to “Taste The Unexpected”.